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Grants of up to £5,000 can be awarded to UK registered charities


Funding Priorities:

  • Providing innovative projects and programmes for current and ex-service people and their families
  • Providing opportunities for education and employment for ex-service people
  • Supporting the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of current and ex-service people and their families

Recently Funded Charities


First Aid Nursing Yeomanry

The First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal's Volunteer Corps) was founded in 1907. During WWI, members drove ambulances and set up and ran hospitals. In WWII, some members became part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service, while others served in the Special Operations Executive, including 39 agents who were dropped into occupied France. Today this all-women Corps of volunteers is still an essential part of the London's emergency response capability. Members train weekly in a variety of different disciplines such as basic military skills, resilience, police call handling. They sign the Official Secrets Act and are security cleared and never get paid for any support that they do. They train throughout the year and are on standby 24/7 to support military and civilian agencies in times of crisis. Last year they deployed for the Fishmongers' Hall terrorist incident. 

The Grocers' Charity award supported the Sponsor a Recruit Scheme (training and buying uniforms for new FANY members) and the duty of care programme to train two more FANYs to provide trauma management for members pre and post-deployment.


  • BASIC exists to serve people suffering from acquired brain and spinal injury, and their families. The charity specialises in centre-based services for people who have undergone treatment for a traumatic head injury, brain haemorrhage, brain tumour, stroke or similar condition. The services help people manage long-term neurological conditions. BASIC developed an innovative virtual reality rehabilitation programme for ex-service personnel.


  • Firstlight Trust works to relieve and protect the health of leaving and former members of the Military Forces affected by physical wounds and injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), psychological issues of disempowerment resulting from service life or medically discharged.


  • The Poppy Factory launched a nationwide employability service, Getting You Back to Work, to support disabled veterans into work across the country.