Grants of up to £5,000 can be awarded to UK registered charities

Within the following criteria:

  • Providing innovative projects and programmes for current and ex-service people and their families;
  • Providing opportunities for education and employment for ex-service people; or
  • Supporting the physical, emotional and mental well being of current and ex-service people and their families.

Applications to support charities working within prisons or with ex-offenders please apply to theCity and Metropolitan Welfare Charity for support.

Recent Grants

The Royal British Legion Poppy Factory Ltd provides employment for disabled veterans in their factory in Richmond, Surrey. For 94 years the charity has been producing poppies and wreaths exclusively for the Royal British Legion. In 2010, The Poppy Factory launched a nationwide employability service, Getting You Back to Work, to support disabled veterans into work across the country. The specialist service is designed for veterans with physical and mental health challenges, and is guided by the evidence-based delivery method, ‘Individual Placement and Support’, shown to be the most effective way of supporting vulnerable people back into work. In providing employability support, The Poppy Factory helps these veterans to rebuild their self-confidence, as they recognise their transferable skills and experiences; regain financial independence as they get and sustain employment; and improve their health and wellbeing.