About us

The Grocers' Charity is the charitable arm of the Grocers' Company. As a grant-awarding body, our mission is to invest in and support a broad range of small and medium-sized UK-registered charities that positively impact public benefit.

For our open grants, The Grocers' Charity has worked with hundreds of registered charities across the UK of different types that improve the quality of life for people and communities. The major causes we support are Relief of Hardship, the Elderly, Disability, Arts and Heritage, Health, Military, Environment, and Children and Young People. See below or click here to Apply for an Open Grant.

Since the 16th century, churches and education were the primary focus. Today, we support long-term bursaries, provide mentoring and work experience opportunities, and have dozens of Members acting as Governors. We continue to support the preservation of churches, with which we have patronal links and their inclusive community programmes.

Our values 

  • Engaging with a wide range of charities supporting a diverse range of challenging circumstances 
  • Having an open dialogue with other funders, researchers and the charity sector 
  • Keeping an open policy to remain flexible in responding to the most pressing needs 
  • Partnering with other funders and individuals to contribute to longer-term social investment 
  • Committing to continuous improvement by reducing the environmental impact of our investments and operations 

How we support people