2023/24 Grocer Academy Awards

About the Livery Academy Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Kingsley Academy won the 10th Grocer Academy Awards for their idea ‘Foridge’, which aims to reduce food waste. The phone App can record fridge contents​ and facilitate shopping for missing ingredients online or in person​. In January 2024, the team competed at the Livery Academy Awards final held at Mansion House in the City of London. Congratulations go to the winners of St Saviour’s & St Olave’s School.

The Grocers’ Company initiated the annual Livery Academy Awards in 2013. This important platform was designed to foster entrepreneurial and presentation skills among sixth-form students. We support the academy schools Mossbourne, Chelsea, and Kingsley (this year’s finalist). As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Academy Awards this year, we are filled with a sense of accomplishment and hope for the future.

Teams from each school, with an experienced mentor, develop and present a fictional investor pitch to judges (who are successful entrepreneurs) to raise funds to launch a commercially and socially beneficial product or service. The experience helps young people develop financial literacy, teamwork, and public speaking skills.

We are delighted that three other livery companies, the Haberdashers, the Drapers, and the Merchant Taylors, have taken up the Academy Awards programme. In January 2024, fourteen academy schools across the City competed, with a Grand Final between the respective Academy team winners at Mansion House on 30 January 2024.