Grants of up to £5,000 can be awarded to UK registered charities

Within the following criteria:

  • Have a turnover of no more than £15m; and
  • Research into specific medical conditions;
  • For a piece of equipment, printing materials or tangible project; or
  • To support sufferers of rare medical conditions.

Recent Grants

Founded in 1992 by two obstetricians at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, Tommy’s The Baby Charity exists because one in four women in the UK will lose a baby during pregnancy or birth. Each baby’s death causes heartbreak, but in four in ten cases parents suffer the additional pain of not knowing why their baby died. There has been a critical lack of research into maternal and foetal health; doctors simply just do not have the answers that could save babies’ lives.

Facial Palsy UK supports people affected by facial paralysis due to any cause. The charity raises awareness of facial palsy and how it impacts on the lives of those affected. The charity challenges those who believe this to be simply a cosmetic condition rather than one affecting function, including the ability to smile, eat, drink, blink, and close the eye for sleep.