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Oundle Wood Project

Together, we believe we can counter the harmful effects of human activities on the natural world. Below, you can find information about our funding focus for the Environment until the end of 2022.

Connecting people with nature and environmental issues


  • Activities for people to get involved in nature or environmental issues across the UK
  • Engaging people of all ages living in urban areas who are disconnected from nature
  • Activities that particularly benefit those who are most affected by climate change

Countering the effects of pollution and climate change


  • Working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as reducing pollution and reducing food waste.
  • The project may be not new but is different to the mainstream or status quo (this may include past defunct practices)
  • A new or other methods of delivering something which already exists

Conservation on land and at sea


  • Collaborations with landholders and farmers
  • Marine projects work with coastal communities and companies to reduce, e.g. plastic waste.

Supporting the protection and survival of plants and animals


  • Regeneration of woodland and wetlands to support the ecology plants, animals and organisms that have a critical but under-appreciated, role in the web of life, or
  • Enables a new generation of UK specialists to inspire future conservation.